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Uniform Policy

Fingertip Rule:

Shirts must be above, shorts and skirts must be below

Khaki slacks, shorts or skirts ONLY

Collared WHITE or GRAY polo shirts only

White or gray undershirt only

Navy blue or gray sweaters or vests only without Logos

Oak Grove Spirit Wear

No sweat pants or PE shorts except in P.E.


No clothes with emblems/writing/designs

No clothing too tight or too large, sagging

No hats, hoods, or beanies allowed inside buildings

(classroom, cafeteria)

Shoes must have closed toe and back

Administrator discretion will be used in questionable situations.

PE UNIFORMS; Navy blue shorts or sweatpants + gray t-shirt with name written across the middle or OGMS uniform set. 

It is expected that all Wildcats comply with wearing the proper uniform.  Our uniform is a source of pride in who we are as a school and within our Community.