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Academic Policies

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Homework is an integral part of the school program. Students have regular homework in Language Arts, Math, Social Science, and Science. Some elective classes have homework as well. Expect your child to have challenging homework on a daily basis! In addition, students are expected to read independently for 20-30 minutes each night.

Homework is designed to supplement class work and to give the student the opportunity to practice skills learned in class. A regular study period should be provided each day at home. Students should spend time reading at home. Parents may request homework through the office for absences of 3 days or more. Teachers will need 24 hours before parents may pick up in office. If out less than 3 days students may get work from “Homework Buddy” or upon return.

Report cards are issued every nine weeks. Report cards provide an opportunity for teachers to inform you and your parents of your school progress.

Progress Reports must be issued to students who are in danger of failing. Progress Reports to parents are issued the fifth week of each quarter. No student shall receive an “F” grade if he/she did not receive a progress report. Progress Reports and Report Cards are mailed home.

It is the District’s expectation that ALL students progress through the grades by demonstrating academic achievement required for satisfactory performance in subsequent grades.

According to District Board Policy, students will be identified as candidates for promotion or retention based on classroom performance and standardized testing in specific content areas. Our Retention Indicators are:

•     GRADES 6-8 Language Arts and Math

•     Standardized Testing (STAR) Program which includes the California Standards Test (CST)

•     Classroom Performance - Grade Level Standards

Participation in extra-curricular/school sponsored activities is a privilege at Oak Grove Middle School and is given as a reward to students who demonstrate positive student behavior and academic achievement. For students to participate in extra-curricular/school sponsored activities they cannot have any of the following:

  1. Be on Academic Probation (GPA of less than 2.0 on the last report card). These students will be on probation for the duration of the following quarter. Students with less than a 2.0 GPA at the end of the fourth quarter will be on probation for the first quarter of the following year.
  2. Be on Disciplinary Probation (multiple behavioral interventions, and/or one or more days of School Suspension within the last 30 days) students will be ineligible for activities for 30 school days following the date of the qualifying infraction.

These requirements are in addition to those required for participation in athletics and student government and 8th grade promotion. This policy covers ALL extra-curricular/school sponsored activities (dances, clubs, picnic’s, field trips, etc.) at ALL grade levels.

In accordance with Board direction, Oak Grove Middle School supports a Zero Tolerance Policy in cases related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, as well as all weapons or objects used as a weapon.

Students are expected to wear PE uniforms and appropriate shoes. Students may purchase PE uniforms from school or purchase their own navy blue sweats or shorts and gray shirt. All students must use a lock. The school is not responsible for missing/stolen personal items stored in a locker without a lock.

Schedule changes are filtered through our Vice Principal Mr. Ramirez. All requests must be made in writing, with a parent signature.

Textbooks are checked out to students for use during the school year. Students are responsible for returning the textbooks that were checked out to them. If you lose or damage your textbook, you must pay for the loss or damage.

Textbooks are checked out per teacher discretion.